Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Conference

Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Conference Banner

October 18-19, 2017
London Convention Centre, London, Ontario, Canada.

Conference Themes:

  • Working with Indigenous; rural, remote & northern; immigrant & refugee populations; and children exposed to domestic violence
  • Emerging trends in Canadian domestic homicides
  • Domestic homicide reviews in Canada
  • Risk assessment (RA), risk management (RM) & safety planning (SP)

The conference offered:

  • 4 plenary sessions;
  • 60 workshops
  • Innovation Showcase
  • Poster session
  • Book Store
  • A Healing Room was available at the conference for those people who needed solace, or quiet, or a private space.  We were sensitive to the possibility that the topics may have "triggered" a response from people who have experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) or have been witness to IPV.  The room was staffed by our guiding elder Myrna Kicknosway and counsellors from Family Services Thames Valley.

Conference Committee Members

Conference Program (PDF)

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Plenary Slides

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Morning Plenary - Domestic Homicides: Voices of Survivors (PDF)
Mariann Rich, sister of Shirley Parkinson; Terri Brown, sister of Ada Elaine Brown; Maha El-Birani, daughter of Sonia El-Birani, Marie-Paule McInnis, mother of Justin and Jérôme

Afternoon Plenary - Safety Planning with Vulnerable Populations (PDF)
Jackie Campbell, Deborah Doherty, Sepali Guruge, Dawn Lavell-Harvard, Linda Baker
Chair: Jane Ursel

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Morning Plenary - Risk Assessment and Management with Vulnerable Populations (PDF)
Zoe Hilton, Randy Kropp, Josie Nepinak, Mohammed Baobaid, Donna Martinson, Crystal Giesbrecht
Chair: Kate Rossiter

Afternoon Plenary - Domestic Homicide Reviews: What have we learned? (PDF)
Neil Websdale, Claudette Dumont-Smith, Tracy Porteous, Jo-Anne Dusel, Peter Jaffe
Chair: Cathy Menard

Workshop Slides

Day 1 Workshops

Day 2 Workshops

Student Posters

Domestic Violence Victims’ Experiences with Police and the Justice System in Canada
Michael Saxton, Laura Olszowy, Jennifer C.D. MacGregor, Barbara J. MacQuarrie, & Nadine Wathen

Exploring Strategies to Support Mainstream and Anabaptist Rural Women Experiencing Domestic Violence: A Research Process from Literature to Implementation
Hannah Skinner

"Faces of Deomstic Violence" - Research Artist Collaboration
Wendy Aujla & Heidi Erisman

Policing Hidden Crimes: Preventing Domestic Violence Through Focused Deterrence
Olivia Peters

Profiles of Recent vs. Non-Recent Immigrant Perpetrators of Domestic Homicide: An Exploratory Study
Randal David & Dr. Peter Jaffe

Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Safety Planning with Vulnerable Populations: A Survey of Canadian Professionals
Laura Olszowy, Michael Saxton, Peter Jaffe, Myrna Dawson, Anna-Lee Straatman, & Marcie Campbell

Too Many Deaths: Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report (89-503-X): Women and the Criminal Justice System
Lisa L'Heureux