Updated domestic violence approach to be launched by Regina Police

Regina, SK, Canada / 620 CKRM
Ryan McNally
October 02, 2017 03:46 am
The Regina Police Service will be launching new approach to how it handles domestic violence this month.
The initiative will put more focus on the victims and give them more resources to help them out.
Regina Police Chief Evan Bray says the aim is to stop re-victimizing victims.
“We can better help people that find themselves in a domestic violent situation,” Bray says. “Whether it’s being a victim of that, being a child who witnesses it, a family that’s affected by it, and the offender themselves. We can do better than just go out, arrest, lay a charge, and wait for it to happen again.”
Chief Bray says focus will be placed on good training for police officers to help them better understand how trauma can affect a domestic assault victim.
“We have to be able to provide good training to our officers that are taking these statements, to understand how trauma can affect recollection of a situation. A lot of these domestic issues are much more deep than the incident that sparks the call to the Police.”
Bray says the initiative will include a resource and a web page to try to help victims.