Murder Reignites Calls For Better Provincial Domestic Abuse Strategy

The Transition House Association of Newfoundland and Labrador is calling for a Comprehensive Provincial Domestic Violence Strategy following a tragic weekend in Marystown.
Provincial Coordinator Dan Meades was responding to a recent murder-suicide that claimed the life of 18-year-old Ryanna Grywacheski (right), a young woman who recently moved to the province from Regina, Saskatchewan.
Meades says the provincial government needs to do more to provide emergency shelter to women experiencing violence, and a comprehensive domestic violence strategy is required. He says a co-ordinated response is needed involving various government departments including Justice, Health, Education and Children, Seniors and Social Development.

Court Orders Not Working, says Abuse Survivor

Meanwhile, a survivor of domestic abuse is meeting with Cabinet Ministers next month to push for tougher legislation to protect women from violent men.
Georgina McGrath was badly beaten in Lab West in 2014. And every time she hears another story of domestic violence, she relives it and becomes angry. She is calling for mandatory reporting of domestic violence. This would give health care professionals, police and others the authority to act when they are aware of an ongoing situation.
McGrath says Personal Protection Orders issued by the courts to deter violence against women are not working and she is hoping other survivors will share their stories with her.  She says our little province leads the way in domestic abuse.
McGrath says without laws, legislation and education, nothing will change.  She says it must start in the education system and believes today’s bully is tomorrow’s abuser.