Issue of domestic violence highlighted recently in Saskatchewan

Regina, SK, Canada / 620 CKRM
Christina Cherneskey
October 10, 2017 03:32 am
Expect more focus to be centred on domestic violence in Saskatchewan as the province will soon release its review on this issue in about two months.
The topic was brought up last week after the second-degree murder plea by John Strang whose wife Lisa was murdered in 2015.
Jo-Anne Dusel, is the executive director of the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services.
She says warning signs can be recognized in many situations and her organization wants the province to do more to help those caught in a violent situation.
Dusel says needs to be public awareness and education.
And all services must be equipped to deal with domestic violence.
“So that everybody could be on the same page,” Dusel said. “Working with similar tool and providing a coordinated and collaborative style of services to people across the province.”
Dusel says Saskatchewan has the highest, percapita, rate of all types of violence against women including domestic violence.