Check out the interview on As It Happens regarding Syrian Refugees and Domestic Violence

Below is the Friday May 20th Episode of As It Happens including the segment on Syrian Refugees and Domestic Violence.  Click on the "Refugees: Domestic violence" link to go to site to listen to broadcast.

Part One

Refugees: Domestic violence
A Toronto community centre says women who recently arrived as Syrian refugees are coming in to report domestic violence — and that their arrival here may be the catalyst. 

Paris attacks photo
On the night of the attacks in Paris, one photojournalist took pictures outside the Bataclan — one of which nearly landed her in court facing criminal charges. 

Finding Dory
After "Finding Nemo", so many people bought clownfish that the population was nearly wiped out — and now that "Finding Dory" is on its way, our guest is worried the blue tang fish may suffer the same fate. 

Part Two

Toronto nanny
She had some important things to tell a parliamentary committee about the challenges of being a nanny within Canada's temporary foreign workers program — and then the Prime Minister's belligerence got in the way. 

Mandela CIA confession
After decades of speculation, a former agent apparently confirms the rumours in a new documentary: in 1962, the CIA helped send Nelson Mandela to prison in South Africa. 

Part Three

Everest Sherpas
Each individual who summits Everest is achieving individual greatness. The problem is that there are hundreds of these individuals. Now, the head of the American Himalayan Foundation says that's too many — which is dangerous both for the climbers, and the Sherpas who help them climb.

'Gay panic' defence
In parts of Australia, an accused murderer can use what's called the "gay panic" defence — that they responded with violence to a same-sex come-on. Now, a Catholic priest is trying to strike that from the books. 

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