Accused to victim: 'You'll be in a world of hurt'

Woman got protection order against ex despite threats



The man charged with second-degree murder in his ex’s death previously warned she’d be “in a world of hurt” if she went ahead with a protection order against him.

She did.

Christine Stoyko, 39, was found dead inside her home on the 500-block of Redwood Avenue Saturday. Police have charged Kevin Grant Klassen, 37, with second-degree murder for his alleged involvement. He’s also facing two counts each of failures to comply with probation and protection orders.

Stoyko was granted a protection order against Klassen on Dec. 23, 2015.

In her application, Stoyko wrote that she had been subjected to ongoing mental, verbal, emotional and physical abuse and harassment.

“I need to help myself get out of this, as I fear for my safety,” Stoyko wrote. “He will try everything possible to get me to open my door, as he is very manipulative, deceiving, compulsive liar and a criminal. I want my life back please.”

Stoyko alleged Klassen would threaten her and spend the early morning hours sleeping in his car in her garage, repeatedly phone her and intimidate her.

On Dec. 22, 2015, Klassen allegedly came to Stoyko’s home and tried to force her to let him inside.

“He asked me if I’m going through with the protection order. I said yes and he replied I’ll be in a world of hurt, I’ve added fuel to the fire and he will sabotage my job,” she wrote.

Police would not reveal the cause of death.

The province’s beefed-up protection order law — which does’t come into effect until May 15 — wouldn’t have helped Stoyko, said Const. Rob Carver.

There should be more onus on monitoring the person who has been issued the order, suggested Angela Braun, chair of Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters.

“If a guy has a history of violence, we should monitor him more closely, by GPS, or an electronic bracelet or something,” Braun said.

University of Manitoba law professor Karen Busby sits on a committee that is looking into the possibility of electronic monitoring.

“But (the devices are) limited,” Busby said. “And it’s probably something that can’t be used in the absence of a conviction.

“Some advancements have been made in legislation, but a piece of paper’s not going to stop them. It’s not going to stop someone who’s hell-bent on killing their partner.”

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In March, the NDP government passed the The Domestic Violence and Stalking Amendment Act, eliminating some unique Manitoba barriers to getting a protection order.

Over the past two years, 1,200 protection orders were granted in the province, while 1,700 — 59% — were dismissed because of a high threshold for victims to qualify.

The changes, effective May 15, include:

Require judicial justices of the peace (JJPs) to check the past criminal offences of suspected abusers

Enhance training for police, those who help victims file protection orders, and JJPs

 Allow protection order assistants to participate in court hearings

 Prohibit suspected abusers from possessing firearms now and possibly in the future

Mandate immediate referrals of every protection order to the chief firearms officer, who would flag licences and investigate individuals to potentially revoke gun licences

Require reasons for protection order grants or dismissals to be provided

Expand the definition of stalking to include cyber-stalking

Consider new options for GPS technology, such as ones that alert victims to a suspect's location

Simplify application forms for protection orders and ensure quiet Law Courts space to complete them


Recent cases of domestic violence where a protection order wasn't enough


On Jan. 1, 2016, police say a man intentionally drove a car into a parked semi trailer near Arlington Street and St. Matthews Avenue, seriously injuring his girlfriend and resulting in an attempted murder charge. The 21-year-old victim, Shaylene Wilson, had a protection order against 31-year-old Christopher Rutherford. They got in a fight earlier that evening at Nectar Nightclub, police say.


The 28-year-old Garden Hill woman was found dead in a suite on Tuxedo Avenue Nov. 26, 2015. Police say the woman and her partner had travelled to Winnipeg together and attended a gathering at the suite where the two became involved in an argument. Monias was physically assaulted in her upper body, rendering her unconscious, and succumbed to her injuries. Her domestic partner Charly Harper, 29, charged with second-degree murder, was bound by two probation orders not to have contact with the victim for previous domestic abuse in Garden Hill.


The 49-year-old was gunned down behind her Marion Street workplace on Oct. 30. The prime suspect in her killing was her ex-husband, Kevin Runke, who died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound three days later after police attempted to pull his vehicle over in the St. Malo area. Camille had reported 22 incidents of harassing conduct or property damage, allegedly at her ex's hands. She had also obtained a protection order against him in July, alleging Kevin had stalked her at home, damaged her vehicle, and had access to guns.


The 20-year-old died in hospital on Oct. 8 after being found badly beaten outside a Flora Avenue home. Her boyfriend, 20-year-old Ray William Everett, has been charged with second-degree murder. Keeper had tried but failed to obtain a protection order against Everett in November 2014. In her application, Keeper alleged the suspect had a history of violence against her, saying she had been "hit, slapped, punched, choked, kicked through our whole relationship." Court documents do not reveal why Keeper's protection order application was dismissed.

On Facebook, Christine's aunt Arlene Stoyko wrote, "We will always remember you as 'Chrissy' loved and missed xoxo."

In another post, she said, "Whenever you read or hear the words 'Live every day like it was your last' try to make it happen. Losing a young family member is so very hard. Lost our niece Christina Stoyko at the age of 39, far too young, so much to give, so much life to have lived. Rest with the angels Chrissy, you will never be forgotten, but you will be missed." 

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